Social audio contortionist Schugar spent his youth inhaling every click and pop of sound he could get his hands on. Beginning with his Michael Jackson Thriller album, Schugar was born a dancing music-aholic and record junkie.

In the late 80’s he played instruments.

Raised on the likes of funk, soul, rock, disco and synth-pop, it was the Midwest rave scene of the early ‘90s that truly captured his soul. Unable to resist the psychedelic sounds on the dance floor, Schugar was into everything techno & house music had to offer in no time at all and has never been the same since. Throwing Fargo, ND’s first rave, Synergy, with his friend Mouse in 1994, Schugar not only brought rave culture to North Dakota, but set his career in high gear!

In the 90’s he broke instruments and built computer sounds.

From 1997 to 2001, Schugar produced and performed music under many names including Fatal Erection(experimental click house), Finding NoWhere(Ambient Drones) and Matt Loathing(of Unconditional Loathing).

In 1997 Fargo, ND, then known as Matt Loathing, with good friends Paul Akin & Joe Killian, Schugar started the experimental band, Unconditional Loathing. That year after the worst winter in recorded history and the worst floods in the past 100 years, Unconditional Loathing moved to Minneapolis. While in Minneapolis Unconditional Loathing acquired several more members including Greg Anderson, Matt Kroka, Jerry McCaine, Jay Siewert and Chris Mindflux.

Unconditional Loathing was a constant experiment in sound and cultural/social manipulation with ever changing instrumentation, member roles, costumes, side projects, members, themes and presentation styles. Noise Opera, megaphones, puppet shows, percussion, homemade instruments, guitar pedals, computers, circuit bent kids toys, instruments of all kinds, Unconditional Loathing was a nightmare of sound that toured from Olympia, Washington to the depths of Ground Zero NYC 7 days after 9/11/2001. Shortly after the Phi-Phenom tour, which entailed 10 bands collectively performing in 50 minutes or less, Unconditional Loathing fell apart with its members dispersing themselves mostly across the West Coast.

Schugar created and destroyed every type of music at least once, dabbling in everything from noise and avante jazz, to ambient and intelligent, to house and techno. Schugar’s style has been a constant evolution of discovery and experimentation. Some call it disco or techno or whatever other socially acceptable term you can think of at the moment (nuretrodubhouseclickdeepdiscotech). Schugar’s sound varies from emotional to upbeat to dark and moody to happy and soulful.

In October 2001, Schugar moved to San Diego. There he produced 100’s of art and music events, expanding his vision of artists collaborating and creating together. Schugar started such nights as Velvet Revolution, Filthy Sunday, Basic Tuesdays, Bleep Bloop, Dr. No’s Fantasy and many more.

Being an avid music collector since the early 80’s and DJ since the early 90’s, Schugar felt right at home joining the staff at local dance vinyl shop (calsound) in 2004. Calsound gave Schugar a further defined sound as his influences expanded every day becoming the Techno buyer and working along side House & Disco historian and long-time San Diego DJ legend Mark E Quark.

In early 2009, Schugar created The Infusion Project, an artist collective that develops and empowers artists to be artists for a living. The Infusion Project has been a major source for collaboration and artistic evolution for Schugar. The Infusion Project is the next stage of Schugar’s vision of human beings seeing their creativity as a necessary part of life and seeing collaboration as their access to having that creativity be sustainable and useful to themselves and their community.

Since early 2010, Schugar has dedicated his time to expanding the vision of The Infusion Project through touring as a DJ/Promoter/Creative Director/Artist Coach, playing clubs, festivals and underground events as well as producing art and music events.

Schugar Discography
“Planet Food” (Whiskey Pickle Records; 2013)
“Future Organic” (Degrees Ov Separation;2013)
“Blue Forest EP” (Degrees Ov Separation; 2014)

In 2013, Schugar started his own Digital Music Label, Degrees Ov Separation. D.O.S. focuses on machine music in the age of computers.
DOS put out 6 releases before the concept was put to rest.

Degrees ov Separation Discography
Schugar – “Future Organic” (DOS1)
Dick Picks – “Untitled EP” (DOS2)
Sudonim – “Airplanes EP” (DOS3)
Finding NoWhere -“Finding NoWhere EP” (DOS4)
Schugar – “Blue Forest EP” (DOS5)
Johnny Blackouts – “Barrel Aged EP” (DOS6)

In 2015 Schugar’s alter ego Llama A came into existence through a series of remixes for long time friends Class-A Deviants. Through Llama A, Schugar began exploring darker and harder dancefloor productions.